Currently the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (OHFT) has paused taking new referrals to adult ADHD services in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. If you were already on the waiting list or having annual reviews by the adult ADHD service prior to 5 February 2024 then you will not be affected by this change.

If you believe you are presenting with symptoms of undiagnosed ADHD, you can still request an ADHD assessment. You will need to complete an adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS) questionnaire, and if the questionnaire indicates a referral is necessary then one can be arranged through ‘Right to Choose’.

The ASRS questionnaire can be found on the following link:

We can refer patients to one of the following four Right to Choose providers which have undergone NHS quality assessment by the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West Integrated Care Board (BOB ICB). Patients can request a referral to other providers, however the provider will first have to undergo investigation to ensure they are appropriate for us to refer to.

Psychiatry UK

Modality LLP

Skylight Psychiatry


Any adult ADHD referral service we refer to must be a Consultant-led service with a current NHS contract to provide NHS service, and be able to provide ADHD treatment as well as assessments. Please note Marlow Medical Group does not prescribe ADHD medications recommended by any virtual (non face-to-face) service hence it is important to check that any virtual service would prescribe for you.

If you are already on the waiting list for the OHFT adult ADHD service, you can opt to change to a Right to Choose provider. However, please be aware that you cannot be on two waiting lists for the same service. Therefore if you would like to be referred to a Right to Choose provider we will need to contact OHFT directly to remove you from their list first.

Please note if you choose to be seen privately, we will not be able to prescribe any recommended treatment on NHS prescriptions.