Your NHS data matters

This practice contributes to the Clinical Practice Research Datalink. Information in patient records is important for medical research to develop new treatments and test the safety of medicines. This practice supports medical research by sending some of the information from patient records to the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD). CPRD is a Government organisation that provides anonymised patient data for research to improve patient and public health.

You cannot be identified from the information sent to CPRD.

Practices are legally required to share data with CPRD who anonymise your date and share this with NHS Digital. This is mandated by the Secretary of State and there is legal basis for us to do so.

If you have any queries regarding this data collection, the best place is:

This is regularly updated by NHS Digital and contains comprehensive information including;

  • What data is shared and why 
  • The legal basis
  • Registering Opt Outs 

Another  useful NHS Digital resource for patients with concerns is:

The start date for this process is 1st September 2021. If you wish to opt-out of NHS Digital Data collection, please complete this form and email it to by Monday 23rd August 2021.

The practice will not respond to complaints regarding this matter, if you are unhappy about the data collection then you can con complain to either: