Protected Learning Time (PLT) Calendar 2022/23

Once a month on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (with the exception of December & August) the practice is closed for the afternoon from 12.30pm and reopens the following working day at 7.20am.

During this time the practice staff undertake refresher training courses including fire training and basic life support whereby their cerificates must be updated yearly. Some PLT days are often off site where staff are permitted to attend seminars at local CCG organised events.

Wednesday 19th January
Tuesday 15th February
Thursday 17th March
Tuesday 5th April
Wednesday 11th May
Tuesday 14th June
Wednesday 13th July
August - NONE
Tuesday 13th September
Wednesday 12th October
Tuesday 15th November
December - NONE

Wednesday 18th January
Tuesday 21st February
Wednesday 15th March 

More to come...