Type 2 Diabetic & Pre-Diabetic Educational Meeting 

Last Wednesday (22nd Nov) we invited a group of Type 2 Diabetic and Pre-Diabetic patients to attend an educational meeting to help empower them with knowledge about Diabetes, which in time we hope will help them self manage their condition better.

Patients were introduced to the Diabetic Team;
🔹Dr Karen Johnson
🔸Dr Shama Shaid
🔹Nurse Leona
🔸Nurse Rachel
🔹Nurse Jo
🔸Pharmacist Martin
🔹Pharmacist Alli

They talked about Microvascular and Macrovascular complications of diabetes and how to prevent these. They also discussed medication and how they work and then finished the session on a talk about the benefits of a Low Carb Diet in Diabetes.

We had a fantastic turnout and the feedback we recieved was very positive 👏🏻 Thank you to those who were invited and attended the session.

If you are a Type 2 Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic and are interested in gaining further knowledge of your condition and how to manage this, please contact the surgery and arrange for a 🖊️ message to be passed to the Diabetic Team.