Home Blood Pressure Monitoring 

As a practice we have supported our patients to enable them to take their blood pressure in a more relaxed setting, usually for up to 7 days. This not only helps us to improve and monitor our patient’s health but also improves our record keeping.

To dates since February 2022 we have lent our machines out over 300 times!

We keep several monitors at the practice for patients to borrow in exchange for a cash deposit however at present we have over 20 monitors which have not been returned to the practice. We have sent out numerous reminders to those patients who we have on record to have borrowed these monitors and some of these loans are dating back to last year. Our team are in the process of contacting those patients once again.

We are eager for our patients to return these monitors so that we can continue to help other patients who may require blood pressure monitoring but also so we can perform maintenance on the machines. Regular calibration on the monitors help to give more accurate readings.

Between 22nd May and 31st May 2023 our monitors are being calibrated, this means we will not be able to loan out any machines during this time.

Following on from this, in agreement with the partners we have also increased the deposit cash amount to £20, which will be refunded to the patient upon return of the monitor.

Alternative patients can buy their own monitor. There are a variety of low-cost monitors available. If you choose to buy one, please make sure it is approved for the use in the UK and that it has been listed as validated for accuracy by the British and Irish Hypertension Society (BIHS). You can purchase a blood pressure monitor online or from pharmacies, supermarkets and the British Heart Foundation online shop.

If you have borrowed a blood pressure machine from the practice, please return this as soon as possible.

Thank you for your co-operation.