COVID-19 Vaccination Programme 

14th April 2021

Cohort 10

Further to the government announcement, patients aged between 45-50 with no underlying health conditions can now book their COVID-19 vaccinations through the national hub, please use the link provided ⬇️

This is not managed by the practice and therefore we kindly ask that you DO NOT contact the surgery to discuss or arrange your appointment.

Second Vaccinations

We are currently working on sending out invitations for patients who require their second dose.
Patients who have attended the local hub (Stoke Mandeville Stadium) for their first Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccination between the dates of 1-9th Feb are currently being contacted.
Please remember if you had your vaccination at an alternative site, we will not be providing your second vaccine. You will need to book this the same way you booked your first vaccine.
1st April 2021

Second Vaccinations

We are now working on sending out invitations for those who require their second vaccination. This is in date order and therefore means we are working from those who were vaccinated from mid January onward.  

Anyone who attended the Stoke Mandeville Stadium Hub will be contacted when the time is right, in the same way they were contacted for their first vaccine. Please do not contact the surgery to discuss this. 

If you had your vaccine at an alternative site,we will not be providing your second vaccine. You will need to book this the same way you booked your first vaccine.


17th March 2021

AstraZeneca (AZ) blood clotting conflict

We have seen an increase in patients contacting the practice raising their concerns about the risk with the Oxford/AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine and blood clotting.

There have been 37 cases of clots in the 17 million administrations of the Oxford/AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine. This puts the chances of developing a clot at approximately 1: 200,000 or 0.0002%.

The chance of developing a clot in the general population is 1: 1000 per year. 

Both the European Medicals Agency (EMA) and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency (MHRA) have said the Oxford/AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine is safe and does not cause clots. 

As many as a third of people who are admitted with COVID-19 will have some degree of Thrombosis (formation of clot) whether that be in the heart, lung, brain or elsewhere. This figure could be as high as 3% of all COVID-19 cases. Having a vaccine, including the Oxford/AstraZeneca is therefore helping to prevent clots with COVID-19 and therefore saving lives. 

If you would like further information on this we recommend the following articles;

This statement has been provided by the Partner's at the practice.


15th February 2021

Cohort 6 & 5

From Monday 15th Feb, the GP led site at Stoke Mandeville Stadium will be focusing on inviting in patients in cohort 6 which includes a wider group of people at higher clinical risk, including carers. Cohort 6 is one of the largest cohorts and vaccination clinics will be scheduled according to our vaccine delivery allocations which are decided nationally. Please wait to be contacted for your appointment and do not call or contact your GP Surgery.


Patients in cohort 5 (those aged 65-69) can book on line via

or call  0119 to attend a vaccination centre or community pharmacy setting. 

However if you would prefer to be vaccinated at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium site, then cohort 5 patients only are  asked to contact your GP surgery after 11am to request an appointment, our COVID team will be in touch to arrange this for you.