Great for patients… and great for the practice

It is a service you can access Monday to Friday 8:30am to 12:30pm thus avoiding waiting on the phone!  There will be times when are short staffed clinically that we will turn it off for clinical saftey.  Should you require medical attention on these days please telephone the practice or ring 111 during opening hours.

The GPs and nurses at Poplar Grove Practice believe they can offer all patients a better service if those who have internet access contact us via eConsult before seeking an appointment or feedback from the practice in other ways.

What is eConsult?

It is an NHS-approved ‘digital triage and patient history-taking tool’ designed to enhance patient access, improve practice efficiency and signpost patients to the right place at the right time for their care. Find it on the home page of our website or go to for more information, see

Why eConsult is great for any patient with internet access

Saves you time

  • save a trip to the surgery – your query may be resolved with a phone or video call, a text or email
  • you avoid the need to get through on our very busy phone lines; simply click on the link – you don’t need special login details

Quicker response

  • you get a response by the end of the next working day (often much sooner)

More convenient

  • you can access eConsult wherever and whenever you want: at home, at work, on holiday 
  • you can access it via a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is also available via the NHS App
  • you complete an eConsult form at a pace that suits you. It asks the same questions that a doctor would in a consultation, but you have more time to think about your answers. You can also add pictures.
  • you can complete an eConsult query for a child in your care

Examples of where eConsult can make your life easier:

  • requests for letters and sick notes
  • diagnosis and advice about treatment without the need for a face-to-face appointment
  • opportunity for you and your doctor to plan investigations before seeing a GP – meaning one appointment rather than two
  • when (after lockdown!) you are planning a trip and want advice on travel health and vaccinations
  • contraceptive pill checks and some other long-term condition reviews

Supports self-care

  • medical advice is available via eConsult at any time. It includes NHS self-help information, pharmacy advice, signposting to other services and an on-line symptom checker

Clinically-supported and digitally safe

  • eConsult was created by NHS GPs for NHS patients and is under constant review
  • the robust ‘red flagging’ system applied to every eConsult enquiry ensures that patients with urgently worrying symptoms are directed immediately to a person-based service
  • eConsult uses the highest security standards to ensure patient information is always secure

Why eConsult is great for the Poplar Grove Practice team?

  • knowing a patient’s symptoms upfront helps the practice get you the help you need from the right person straight away
  • gathering information in a standard format helps doctors address patient needs efficiently
  • admin queries get filtered direct to the team that handles them

And, because it saves clinician time, there is the possibility of longer appointments for patients who need them.