Ear Syringing/Irrigation

Ear Syringing/Irrigation

The Partners have made the decision this winter to cease providing an ear syringing/irrigation service here at the practice. This is in line with other practice in the Aylesbury Vale area who also no longer offer this service. This service does not fall within the GP contract and therefore is not an essential service and our reason to cease this service is due to the increased demand on GP practices to provide appointments for procedures that take higher priority.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause but hope that you will understand and appreciate the pressures on our services at present.

Ear Syringing/Irrigation is available by private providers at a cost and you may wish to contact one of the following providers;

  • Chalfont Hearing Centre - 01494 765 144
  • Bucks Ear Wax Removal Clinic - 07730 565 959
  • Aston Hearing - 01494 733 840
  • HALO Hearing Solutions - 01442 389 949


Winter GP Triaging

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