Blood Tests at the hospital - please note you can NO longer just turn up and wait.

You can book an appointment online at

Patients referred for an adult blood test can choose time and location and avoid overcrowding the waiting area.

Any patient arriving without a pre-booked appointment will be turned away and given details of the online booking system.

Patients without access to the internet, and don't have any relatives or friends to assist with the online booking can use the volunteer support phoneline 07929 831150 - this is NOT a general helpline.

Clinics will run

Amersham Hospital (from 5th Feb) 08:30 -15:00

Stoke Mandeville Hospital (live now) 09:15 - 16:45

Wycombe Hospital (live now) 08:00- 17:00

If you are experiencing any symptoms of covid it is important that you do not attend.